Thief Uses Smartphone To Steal A Tesla From Mall Parking Lot – CarBuzz

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“We suspected it was him because he used to brag a lot about how much he knew about the car and its security, and this was somebody who had the wherewithal to make this happen,” said John Marino, the owner of Trevls, the rental company specializing in Teslas. “I don’t think it’s that easy. I think this guy had a next level of information on how to do it.” He somehow succeeded to hack the Tesla app to do what he did. However, while the guy may be technically smart and quite capable, he’s pretty stupid otherwise.

You see, any time the car requires a recharge, its location is immediately known once it’s plugged into any of Tesla’s Superchargers. “Tesla is not the car to steal,” said Marino. “The amount of data Tesla collects is actually kind of creepy.” Not surprisingly, the guy was arrested three days later near Waco, Texas.