More Upside To Come…Targets Inside


Currently the market momentum is to the UPSIDE and we are seeing significant buying pressure causing most prices to rise. Periods where this has been true in the past are indicated by the green areas in the market analysis chart below. These markets should favor buying stocks moving aggressively to the upside with wider upside targets. However with careful pause at 2900.


STRENGTHENING Showing upward momentum right now is XLNX which is our strengthening momentum long pick for today. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a +2.3% up move in XLNX today. Xilinx, Inc. (Xilinx) is engaged in designing and developing programmable devices and associated technologies.
WEAKENING Showing downward momentum right now is NFX which is our short pick for today. We wouldn’t be surpised to see a -4.6% down move in NFX today.
Trade smart,

Paul "Bulldog" Hudson, Chief Investment Officer
Darwin Investing Network