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HAS is the best dividend play right now

The strength of Hasbro Inc (HAS) over this recent period has been good compared to the overall market and industry peers. Coupled with positive dividend growth over the last 12 months of 10.5%. This makes HAS a great dividend play with an expected current dividend yield of 2.3%, payable if you purchase the shares prior to 07/31/2019.

Hasbro, Inc. (Hasbro) is a play and entertainment company.

LNT is the ex-dividend pick for today

Yesterday, Alliant Energy Corp (LNT) moved up showing significant strength. Dividend yield has been strong over this most recent business cycle and also the previous five years as well. The ex-dividend date for receiving the dividend of $1.42 per share for LNT is 07/30/2019, so this is the time to make this short-term dividend play. Alliant Energy Corporation operates as a regulated investor-owned public utility holding company.

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Paul "Bulldog" Hudson, Chief Investment Officer
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