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Um, nevermind.

Jamie Dimon, the chief executive of JPMorgan Chase & Co. JPM, -0.02%  , on Sunday took back comments he made last week that he would beat Donald Trump in a presidential race because he’s smarter than Trump is.

“I shouldn’t have said it. And I [did] more out of frustration and a little of my own machismo. But I shouldn’t have said it and so… it also proves I wouldn’t be a good politician.”

Jamie Dimon

In an interview that aired Sunday morning on ABC News’ “This Week,” Dimon downplayed his presidential aspirations.

“I never say never to anything, but no,” Dimon said.

He also said Trump deserved some credit for the nation’s strong economy.

“When President Trump was elected, confidence skyrocketed . . . and that has helped the economy,” Dimon said, noting how Trump’s pro-business moves, such as cutting taxes and reducing regulations. “It’s impossible to tease out how much, but it has helped the economy, just like President Obama helped to stop the economy from getting much worse. . . . He should take some credit.”

Ten years after the financial crisis, Dimon said he understood the anger that many still have for Wall Street.

“Some [banks] caused the problem and I understand that the American public looks at it and it’s unfair, and it was,” Dimon said. “They look at it like the elite Washington banks… kind of got bailed out [while] they suffered. And there’s some truth to that. They didn’t see Old Testament justice. So I understand why there is a lot of anger out there.”

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