Donald Trump Reproves 'Broken Old Crow' McConnell Over Biden's $1.2 Trillion Infra Bill

Former United States President Donald Trump lashed out at Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell on Wednesday, 17 November, for allowing the Democrats to pass the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. Trump released a statement calling McConnell “Broken Old Crow” and termed the infrastructure legislation a “disaster for America”. He claimed that only 11% of the money will be spent on “real infrastructure” and most of the amount would go in “Green New Deal nonsense”.

In the statement, Trump stated that Mitch McConnell was unable to stop the first bill which resulted in 19 Senators, including him joining in. He further stated that the “bigger disaster is yet to come”, mentioning that the “larger version of the Green New Deal which some say will be $5 trillion.” Trump argued that the passage of the infrastructure package is setting the stage for the larger spending plan and claimed that “a couple (of) Republican Senators” might vote in favour of the bill.

“Its actual cost is over $2 Trillion, but the bigger disaster is yet to come in the next, much larger version of the Green New Deal, which some people say will be $5 Trillion. This was all allowed by Mitch McConnell’s incompetence and now I understand that a couple Republican Senators may get on board so that they can have yet another and even bigger victory, for the Democrats,” Trump said in his statement. 

Trump lashes out at McConnell

Former US President in his statement claimed, “McConnell is a fool”, adding that he must stop the “Dream of Communism bill” and keep his senators in line or he must submit his resignation now. He further accused McConnell of not using the “Debt Ceiling”. Trump mentioned that any Republican who votes in favour of the bill in the House or Senate will not receive his support. Moreover, Trump criticised the US government over the coutry’s troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, the situation of employment and the economy in the country.  

“Now the Democrats have a big victory and the wind at their back. McConnell is a fool and he damn well better stop their “Dream of Communism Bill” and keep his Senators in line, or he should resign now, something he should have done a long time ago. Use the Debt Ceiling like it should have been used, you Old Broken Crow, to do so would hurt our Country far less than this horrible Bill,” Trump said in the statement. 

(Image: AP)