Last Updated: 4/14/2021

Click to Opt In (One click subscription), Traditional Opt In Pages, Co-Registration and Quantum Lead Generation Disclosure:

One way that Darwin Investing Alerts generates subscribers to its database is via a method called “Click To Opt In”.  All email subscription, lead generation methodologies conform to U.S. CANSPAM law and allows people to subscribe to newsletters they find interesting, quickly and easily.  Opting out from Darwin Investing Alerts’s email list is easy and fast.  Simply find the unsubscribe link in the footer of the email and click through to unsubscribe.

The Click To Opt In process is as follows: A person sees a report or newsletter in which they are interested in receiving and must first subscribe to www.darwininvestingalerts.com in order to receive the deliverable via email. When they click on the “Click to Opt In link” within the email they received promoting the offer for the deliverable, their subscription to Darwin Investing Alerts is at that point complete and their email address and IP address are automatically transferred into Darwin Investing Alerts’s email platform as well as into Darwin List Network’s advertising tracking technology.  Click to opt in may utilize a Quantum Lead Generation strategy as described below. 

Co-Registration: Darwin Investing Alerts also utilizes Co-registration lead generation sources to build its’ email subscriber list.  Co-registration lead generation may utilize a Quantum Lead Generation strategy as described below.

Standard Opt In Pages: Darwin Investing Alerts also utilizes traditional opt in pages to generate leads.  A traditional opt in page utilizes traditional opt in practices and will include a description of what the subscriber is opting in to receive.  Standard Opt In Pages may utilize a Quantum Lead Generation strategy as described below. 

Quantum Lead Generation: The subscriber may also be subscribed to up to two additional advertiser’s email lists, per the disclosure in the email advertisement or opt in page.  This method is called Quantum Lead Generation.  From that point on, the new subscriber will continue to receive emails from Darwin Investing Alerts as well as email message from up to 2 paid advertisers.  If the subscriber wishes to unsubscribe from any of the brands to which they are subscribed, they must simply open a recent email, look in the footer section of the email template, and click ‘unsubscribe.’  They will then be removed from the corresponding email list.

Darwin Investing Alerts regularly sends content via email that should be perceived as valuable by the subscriber, including paid, 3rd party advertisements.

If at any point the subscriber would like to unsubscribe from Darwin Investing Alerts, any other brand within Darwin Investor Network or any Quantum Lead Generation participants, they can simply click the unsubscribe link from a marketing email they receive from and follow the directions to manage their subscriptions.

When you unsubscribe from Darwin Investing Alerts, any of its sister brands or any Quantum Lead Generation advertisers, you should stop receiving emails from any of the brands from which you unsubscribed within 2-10 days.

Alternatively, you may also send physical mail to 2319 N Andrews Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL  33311.  Please include your email address so that we can unsubscribe the email address from our list.  This process will take up to 30 days after receiving your request.

Darwin Investing Alerts also may sell advertisers ‘Click To Opt In’ advertisements that will allow an advertiser to generate subscribers to their newsletters and other services by utilizing the same ‘Click To Opt In’ technology via the process described above.

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