Deutsche Bank ex-CEO urges top court to bar seized evidence

Deutsche Bank’s (DBK.DE) former CEO Josef Ackermann has asked Germany’s highest court to keep a trove of documents out of a long-running suit brought by heirs of the collapsed Kirch media empire. Ackermann has asked the court to block the group representing the heirs, which is seeking up to 1.5 billion euros ($2.1 billion) in damages from Deutsche Bank, from using documents seized by Munich prosecutors during raids on the bank a year ago. If left unhindered, lawyers representing Kirch may be free to trawl through some 8 million documents which they believe could bolster their decade-long pursuit of damages from Deutsche Bank. Prosecutors searched Deutsche Bank twice in December 2012, once as part of a probe into possible tax evasion and once as part of the Kirch case.


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