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Janet Jaimes Helps Market Conscious and Non-Profit Brands Get Attention, Name Recognition, and Traffic Through Social Media

Welcome to another episode of Action and Ambition. Today, we have invited Janet Jaimes, the founder of Gaeanovo, Certified Holistic Wellness and Life Coach. Janet advanced her career as a Social Media Community Manager at a reputable music-tech firm through determination and perseverance. She relocated from North Carolina to Los Angeles to pursue her interests in music, journalism, and photography. Though she was on the rise, she had a spiritual awakening that shook everything and made her reconsider her actions. Over time, it became evident that being a Social Media Marketing Manager for people who want to improve the lives of others, whether through health, energy work, charity, or mentorship, was in high demand. Those brands, individuals, and NGOs want marketers that understand their lifestyles and visions. Thus she launched Gaeanovo, a Social Media Marketing Agency. Listen to this episode! You are going to love it!