Bizerba Investing in Digitization and Additional Location

Site in Eastern Europe

A positive development and the continued growth lead to the fact that production capacities at the German sites are reaching their limits. At the same time, new regions have evolved as clear growth markets in recent years.

“Eastern Europe unfolds strong dynamics and is, therefore, a strategically important market for Bizerba”, says Andreas W. Kraut. With this additional site, Bizerba will be able to react to trade restrictions between the USA and China in a more flexible way and thus contribute to greater independence in the flow of goods and money.

Therefore, the company will build a new site in this region in order to increase production capacities. As a global player, investing in growth regions is crucial for Bizerba to be as close as possible to the customer.

“Expanding capacities by a location in Eastern Europe is Bizerba’s next logic step of the growth strategy 2025. This will also secure jobs at home in the long term”, highlights Andreas W. Kraut.”

“By expanding the international production network in the European area, we are securing our global competitiveness and we are thereby creating the condition for growth even in price-sensitive product segments”, emphasizes Frank Reinhardt, Vice President Global Operations, who has overall responsibility for the global production units.

“The final selection of the exact location is planned for early 2021. Production starts in the newly built factory is scheduled for the end of 2022.”