9/11 attacks, twenty long years later..West lost 21st century due to its ‘War Against Islam.’

On the morning of Sept 11, 2001, we were working at Yeni Şafak newspaper and, as always, discussing current affairs. Suddenly there was a bit of commotion. It was said “an aircraft hit the skyscraper.” We turned to the nearest televisions, news agencies, and U.S. media. As the director of foreign news, I had to follow this matter very closely. 

When it was reported that “the Boeing passenger aircraft hit the World Trade Center,” I remember saying, “This is not a mere accident.” Some time later, the second aircraft hit the second tower. New York was covered in smoke. I told those who were in the meeting room with us at the time: “Pay close attention, we are witnessing an event that will change history and the world.” 

This is a Crusade War! 

Then the twin towers collapsed. In the aftermath of this event, the U.S. waged war against almost the whole world. Then Afghanistan was invaded. Iraq was invaded. Anti-terrorism was turned into a global security strategy. Civil war was instigated in many countries. Governments were collapsed, leaders were assassinated, regimes and maps were changed. 

The U.S. administration said, “you are either with us or against us,” coercing countries to fight alongside it. George W. Bush said, “Our civilization, our life style has been attacked,” presenting it as a civilizational war, and in fact, he used the term, “Crusade War.” 

Trillions of dollars on war over Muslim blood 

Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed. Countries, cities have been turned into ruins. Ethnic and sectarian conflicts have been provoked and financed. Terrorist organizations were established, supported and armed under the guise of anti-terror discourse. They were mobilized in areas included on the U.S. occupation map, and the invasion atmosphere was ensured. 

A military complex worth trillions of dollars was unleashed on the Muslim world, the lives and homelands of Muslim men, women and children were lost.

Horrific crimes against humanity have been committed in Abu Ghraib and Bagram.  Muslim youths were moved to the secret torture centers established in 26 countries around the world, never to be heard from again. 

CIA aircraft, slave trade, missing youth. 

Cargo ships were used as prisons in the oceans to avoid international law. CIA aircraft flew between military bases and airports, carrying a countless number of people to the torture centers. Slave camps were built in Israel’s Negev desert, Europe’s steppes, and Central Africa’s rainforests.  

Western civilization launched a horrific attack against the Islamic civilization, saying, “rising Islam,” threatening it, declaring it as terrorism, and spread it across the world. The Muslim world has not been able to get out of this war since Sept. 11, 2001. It lost its century. 

West will lose 21st century due to war against Muslims. 

However, the world was changing as the West continued to fight Islam. The U.S. was focused on endless wars while the earth’s power map changed dramatically. Power, capital, manpower, production and markets were shifting towards the East, while the West was facing new enemies – something it probably had not seen for centuries. 

This is why the new emerging powers supported the U.S. and Europe’s war against Islam. They wanted the West to continue the most destructive strategic map the West launched at the start of the 21st century. Being occupied with Islam and Muslims provided them vast areas to maneuver. 

The U.S. and Europe will lose the 21st century for declaring global war against Muslims. It is on a losing streak already. All the wars that the U.S. and Europe started together after the Sept. 11 attacks blew up in their faces. All that is left in their wake is destruction and death. 

Countries preparing for ‘world without US’ 

It lost in Iraq. Its power in the Middle East is rapidly declining. It lost the two-decade war in Afghanistan. The world watched how it fled from Kabul Airport.  

Now, the “Kabul earthquake” is destroying whatever is left of America’s reputation, image and power in Central Asia, in the Middle East, in South Asia, and in Africa. Because all these countries witnesssed very painfully, how the U.S. and the West abandon their allies. 

All countries are preparing for “a world without the U.S.” All countries are focusing on the new power domains of the world. All countries are disintegrating from the U.S. and the West, seeking to build new alliances. 

It attacked allies through terrorist organizations 

The U.S. and the West are going to receive the biggest blow in this war from their traditional allies. The reason for this is that Muslim countries such as Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia, Muslim countries in the Middle East and Africa received extremely heavy blows from the U.S. in the last two-decade war. 

It established a terrorist organization against its allies; it cooperated with them towards destabilizing its allies. It declared the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) its partner against Turkey. It secretly supported Daesh. 

It carried on an indirect war against Turkey through these organizations. It tried to stop and shrink Turkey through terrorism, through the political fronts it established within Turkey. It cooperated with the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and overtly attacked Turkey. 

Muslims started America’s collapse. 

The U.S. and the West lost their allies because of this hypocrisy. Now they have new pursuits and are building new ties in preparation for the future. 

In the last two decades, from Sept. 11, 2001 to Sept. 11, 2021, it destroyed the world’s power map. The West has become weaker, and started to withdraw and turn inwards. The U.S. is no longer able to finance wars as it used to. Most importantly, it lost all its clout. It became a laughingstock with its own internal bickering. 

In the longest 20 years of political history, the world map changed radically. Though it seems as the Muslims lost, they in fact triggered the fall of a super power through their patient struggle. 

Was Sept. 11 really a terrorist attack?